About Me

Vancouver, BC. My career as a counsellor began in 2004, when I provided counselling and hypnosis for clients in an integrated health facility in addition to maintaining a private practice. My experience has taught me a holistic approach to psychological health that includes mental, physical, spiritual, environmental and social considerations. Since 2008, I have provided group therapy and individual counselling for people suffering from a variety of emotional difficulties and addictions at the Pacifica Treatment Centre–a co-ed residential treatment facility. At Pacifica I have learned that people suffering from addictions are often troubled by a host of issues related in some way to their addiction.

I have maintained a private practice since 2006 and have assisted clients with many problems including: learning to manage overwhelming emotions, addiction, depression, anxiety, mental health issues, relational problems, anger management, unresolved trauma, family of origin problems, communication difficulties, problems setting healthy boundaries with others among others. I also provide a wide range of educational workshops in the community to help provide people with the necessary skills to deal with common problems of life. I have been an active volunteer for many years and have offered assistance at : The Vancouver Crisis Centre, Friends for Life and The BC Cancer Agency.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree from Simon Fraser University and a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from the The Adler School of Professional Psychology. I have a keen interest in helping clients uncover their core needs and my graduate research focused on dreamwork in the context of addictions. I believe that contentment in the present requires a combination of present day skills based training as well as making peace with the past. I use a positive approach when working with clients that helps people identify problems and systematically move forward . By helping people gain awareness of the needs, strength and wisdom that I believe are central in all people, I walk with clients for a time as they undertake a healing passage of transformation. It is rewarding work and I look forward to assisting you on your journey of change.